Nomination Day to deliver political surprises

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(CNS Elections): As the Progressives keep their line-up for the May 2017 election campaign under wraps until the eleventh hour, the Cayman Democratic Party re-jigs its George Town team and a few more independents limber up to declare, Nomination Day could throw a few political curve balls as strategy takes centre stage on the day Cayman’s first ever election under ‘one man, one vote’ in single-member constituencies gets underway. CNS has received confirmation on 37 candidates so far but there is likely to be well over 50 on the Election Section map before the day is out, when nominations close at 3pm.

The list of candidates may not be quite as long as originally anticipated; a number of would-be or speculative candidates have changed their minds or switched attention to 2021, as they wait and see how the first election under the new system plays out.

But all eyes will be on West Bay West today to see if anyone will be running against the opposition leader and long-term political powerhouse in the district, McKeeva Bush.

George Town may also produce some unexpected changes, as it is still not certain that the premier will be in a head-to-head with Kenneth Bryan in George Town Central.

Nominations begins at 8am in all 19 constituencies. See details for the nominations and the locations below.

Check back to the CNS Election Section throughout the day for updates on who has declared where.

Nominations Locations

Single Member Electoral District Nominations Location
West Bay North First Assembly of God Church Hall, 100 Finch Drive.
West Bay West West Bay Public Library, 204 Rev. Blackman Road.
West Bay Central Ed Bush Sport Field – Conf. Room, 90 Stadium Drive.
West Bay South John Gray Memorial United Church Hall, 26 West Church Street.
George Town North St Georges Anglican Church Hall, 66 Courts Road.
George Town Central George Town – Town Hall, 43 Fort Street.
George Town West Smith Road Centre, 150 Smith Road.
George Town South South Sound Community Centre, 1012 South Church Street.
George Town East Agape Family Worship Centre – Hall, 50B Fairbanks Rd.
Red Bay Seafarers Hall, 11 Victory Avenue.
Prospect Moravian Church Hall, 497 Poindexter Road.
Savannah Savannah United Church Hall, 17 Astral Way.
Newlands International College of the Cayman Islands,             595 Hirst Road.
Bodden Town West Agricultural Grounds Pavilion, 199 Lottery Road.
Bodden Town East Webster Memorial United Church Hall, 266 Bodden Town Road.
North Side Craddock Ebanks Civic Centre, 923 North Side Road
East End William Allen McLaughlin Civic Centre, 80 John McLean Drive.
Cayman Brac West & Little Cayman Aston Rutty Centre, 264 Ashton Reid Drive.
Cayman Brac East Veteran’s and Seaman’s Center, 205 Ashton Reid Drive.

Notes to Candidates:

  • Nominations Form

A candidate for election shall be nominated on a nomination paper by at least two persons who, at the time of signing the nomination paper, are registered electors of the electoral district for which the candidate seeks election.

The candidate must consent to the nomination by signing the nomination paper in the presence of a witness who must also sign the nomination paper.


  • Deposit

A candidate for election, must deposit the sum of one thousand dollars in legal tender to the returning officer. If the candidate fails to do so, the nomination of such candidate shall be null and void.

If a candidate is not elected; and received less than one-tenth of the total of votes polled, the money deposited with the returning officer in accordance with section 32(1) of the Elections Law (2013), is forfeited to the Crown. Otherwise, the deposit will be refunded to the candidate or to the person who paid the deposit on behalf of the candidate, as soon as practical after the result of the election is declared.


  • Photo

Candidates are to supply one 2” x 2” Colour Photo (passport sized) on Nominations Day.  The 2017 Ballot Papers will be printed in colour and will contain a Picture of the Candidate.


  • Logos

If a candidate belongs to a registered party, the party logo will be placed beside the Candidates picture on the ballot paper.  Independent Candidates will have “IND” Placed beside their photo. Candidates are to indicate a party or independent to returning officer.


  • Nominators

Candidates must be nominated by at least two electors who are registered in the same electoral district in which the candidate is being nominated. It is an offence under section 30(1) of the Elections Law (2013 Revision) to knowingly nominate a person who, pursuant to the Constitution, is not qualified to be or is disqualified from being elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly.

A person who signs a nomination paper nominating a candidate for election in an electoral district; who at the date of signing the nomination paper is not a registered elector of that electoral district; or knows that the person nominated is not qualified to be elected as a member of the Assembly, commits an offence and is liable on conviction to a fine of two thousand dollars.


  • Qualifications and Disqualifications

Persons seeking nominations are encouraged to carefully review the Cayman Island Constitution, the Elections Law (2013) and the Elections (Amendment) Law, 2016.  It is an offence under section 30(2) of the Elections Law (2013 Revision) to knowingly consent to be nominated if, pursuant to the Constitution, you are not qualified to be or are disqualified from being elected as a member of the Legislative Assembly. A person who commits this offence is liable on conviction to a fine of five thousand dollars.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    So many seats, so much mediocrity.

  2. Caymanian says:

    I don’t think so….yes we have people coming out of the woodwork but does not mean those idiots will get in….just mean more donations to CIG coffers

  3. Anonymous says:

    With one hour to go, and for so much purported Caymanian unemployment, there certainly is a dearth of nominated candidates. In some cases, only one or two per district. What a joke.

  4. Rp says:

    2-4 PPM candidates will be elected. 2-3 UDP and the rest independents. Then the fun will start as they negotiate who takes the power. Looking forward to the days after election. It will be the best comedy show of the year, all wanting cabinet positions. Wonder how long the stale mate will take.

    • Caymanian says:

      Wrong….wrong wrong…..PPM will have around 6 candidates…..CDP will have 4 to 5 and the rest independents….That would normally leave 7 or 8 independents but I fully expect 2 or more independents to align with either PPM or CDP by end of day Election day….most are already leaning….some are already there….

  5. Anonymous says:

    Good luck to all those nominated, and God help us all!

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is the scariest election year I can remember. Just look at the candidates coming out of the woodwork. We are so screwed!

    One man one vote will prove to be a MASSIVE mistake.

    • Anonymous says:

      Very Big mistake.
      One man can actually get in with one vote.
      The first thing the new Government would have to do is repeal and replace this one man one vote system.
      Trump style

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