Seymour makes bid to return to political fray

| 06/03/2017 | 9 Comments
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Dwayne Seymour

(CNS Elections): Dwayne Seymour, a former UDP backbench MLA, has announced plans to run in this election for Bodden Town East. After the arrest in 2012 of McKeeva Bush, who was premier at the time, and the collapse of the UDP administration, Seymour became the temporary community affairs minister in the interim People’s National Alliance government formed by a group of five candidates that split from the UDP in the fallout of the scandal. Seymour ran in the 2013 election on the PNA ticket, but this time he has declared as an independent.

Receiving less than 20% of the Bodden Town vote in 2013, Seymour collected 242 votes from the polling stations that cover the new Bodden Town East constituency — his best result. The only other candidate to confirm his intention to stand in that new seat so far is Robert Bodden, who is running with the Cayman Democratic Party (formerly the UDP).

During his time in office Seymour had a relatively low profile but he was involved in moving a motion in a 2010 finance committee hearing moving money around, which eventually led to the establishment of Bush’s controversial Nation Building fund.

However, he came under the spotlight across the road from the Legislative Assembly — in the court house — in 2011 when he was tried for perverting the course of justice after a fight with his ex-wife’s lover outside a Seven Mile Beach hotel.

Seymour, who has declared himself as “trustworthy” on his campaign poster, was found not guilty of trying to get a security guard to turn a blind eye to the fight. But during the trial his honesty was brought into question when he refused to admit that he had told a lie to lure his wife and her lover from the room they were staying in, describing it not as a lie but “a scheme”.


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  1. Caymanian says:

    I have known John John practically all my life being from the district and going on the same bus as him. John John was a bit of a bully in school which was a long long time ago. My problem with John John is not his past but his present and future.

    When looking at John John all I can see is a seat warmer. I don’t see him as a thinker. I don’t see him as contributing anything of significance not just to BT but the country. John John is not a bad guy. He has made some mistakes with alliances like with CDP but that aside I just don’t see him as someone to LEAD US forward. At best he is a yes man to good programs and at worse he will jump ship to CDP if he wins.

    Sorry John John but I simply can’t in good conscience vote for you if ONLY for the fear you actually MIRACULOUSLY wins and jumps to CDP.

    A BTer and lover of country

    • Caymanian says:

      And by the way strangely enough I don’t beat him up too much for the whole wife cheating thing. It would be a rough time for most of us and we maybe prone to some stupidity if our spouse was cheating on us. BAD John John for trying to tell guard to lie. BUT I feel your pain. I have been in that seat and it’s not comfortable at all. I made better choices but we are not all built the same. We all come from different backgrounds with better and worst role models in our lives. Some of us had the luxury of solid childhoods and some come from broken homes. It’s hard to judge a man by the decisions he makes during what could be the worst times in their lives. I prefer to judge them by the ones they make when they are thinking straight. His alignment with UDP/CDP I hold against him. The wife thing I kind of get. He made bad decisions YES but I get it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh well JOKE JOKE Seymour is wasting his money and na getting elected!

  3. Knot S Smart says:

    Oh Dear…
    Sacred Vessel #2…

  4. Anonymous says:

    Seems this guy is not to be trusted?

  5. John Public says:

    Cayman Trump. “It’s not a lie but a scheme”

  6. Anonymous says:

    No bloody way!
    Can we have some candidates with a little integrity please?

  7. TCS says:

    This fool only “sey-mour” money to be made for himself. Now, Dwayne, what solutions have you found while you’ve been out of office?

  8. Poll-watcher says:

    He should never have been allowed to take his seat in the LA after flouting the Elections Law to get ‘elected’.

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