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| 06/03/2017 | 14 Comments

(CNS Elections): The People’s Progressive Movement has postponed its party conference due to the workload in the Legislative Assembly, leaving the date of the announcement of the full slate of PPM candidates and where they will be running unclear. Party officials told CNS Monday night that discussions were underway about when the team of candidates that will run under the Progressive banner and, more importantly, the constituencies they will be contesting will be unveiled. The party said, however, that the conference  that was scheduled for 18 March will now take place in April after Nomination Day.

In a circular to the party membership PPM officials said a decision had been made to reschedule the conference to Saturday, 8 April.

This means the national Progressives event will now happen after the critical Nomination Day on 29 March , when the nominators and candidates planning to run in the election must declare their intentions. With just three weeks to go before then, it is not clear when the ruling party will reveal its full election line-up.

But it is evident that the timing of unveiling who is running where is playing a part in this forthcoming historic election, in which all candidates will be running, for the first time, in single-member constituency, where they will go head-to-head with each other as all voters have only one vote.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tell me what I have seen these past few days is a joke. It appears that the Benedict Arnold-Julianna is distributing red Progressive shirts in her district of Cayman Brac East. It is noted that the shirt does not have her name or picture.

    Now it was not too long ago that this lady would not allow red lights to be displayed during Christmas season (further reference is made to museum and agriculture grounds).

    Now Benedict Arnold-Julianna has been a member of UDP, pseudo-independent, PNA and PPM. So far she has checked off a bunch of colours – blue, green, purple and red. What is next?

    Does anybody remember how some of the Cayman Brac Mafia would go on and on about Benedict Arnold-Julianna? Now, CNS is it really true that she is going to run on the RED team this time?

    Speaker of the House is a good job for her – and it should be offered to her when she loses in the upcoming election. As the 2nd elected member for CB/LC she has not done anything for our community in the past four years.

    Heck, she does not even venture into any of our stores/shoppes here and she still seems to think it is a great thing to come to Church 45 minutes to an hour late and receive applause when it is noted that she is in attendance.

    Benedict Arnold-Julianna you know who is writing this blog – always keep in mind that God is recording your every word, thought and action. I will continue to pray for you and all of the other candidates in the upcoming election.

    Peace and Love to All,

  2. Anonymous says:

    They have allowed that Wayne Panton to put the nail in the coffin.

  3. no sah says:

    Anyone seen Alden recently, the man looks depressed and beaten. I am also hearing they are not happy with Waynes pushing of this Legal Practitioner Bill and wish he would just drop it but he is determined to get it through – you can guess the reasons!

  4. May 24th is another April Fools Day says:

    The number of comments is indicative of just how many people care……basically NO ONE. Both the PPM and UDP should call it a day and realize that this election belongs to candidates who are NOT a part of either of them. How dumb ass can a party be to wait one week after nomination day to announce your candidates…this tells me they are scrambling to find candidates to run. Even heard that a current BT representative is going to run GTS as he is confident he stands no chance in winning a seat if he doesn’t. Now the irony in all of this is that another PPM candidate wishes to run in GTS so the 2 would be fighting against each…what a laughter.

  5. Election monitor says:

    They in more trouble than they are letting on. Heard that they did a poll and it was not favorable, imagine they have to run Kurt in hopes of beating Kenny Bryan, what a shame. I hope the country tells ppm enough is enough and George Town people tell Kurt the time has come to an end of all his empty promises. Wake up Cayman and vote for independent candidates who can lead us forward and take back our Island.

  6. William Pitt says:

    According to the PPM constitution prospective candidates have to be nominated by party committees in each constituency, then ratified by the party’s National Committee, which is supposed to have a representative AND the chairman of each constituency committee on it.
    None of that exists at this time, so the question arises: will the nominations be valid and is the PPM a properly constituted party?

  7. Stalling says:

    This is not true. They just don’t want to show their cards (candidates) before everyone else. Voters are not stupid..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Political Procrastination Movement. Their most notable trait is a total inability to get anything of any kind done in a timely way. Everything is last minute or later.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Does anybody believe this excuse put forward by the PPM?

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