Where are the Greens when you need them?

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Theresa Green writes: This election we have just one vote, and there is only one thing I want to use mine on — any candidate running with a party that represents our precious and massively at-risk environment. Neither political party has a real green agenda and both plan on destroying marine life for a cruise port to keep special interests happy, plus more construction and development because they think it creates jobs for locals, and no doubt the latest astonishing affront from Dart, who both parties believe is the answer to all of Cayman’s economic ills.

Although a Cabinet decision is unlikely to be made before the elections on Dart’s request to rip out the beachrock on his beachfront land on the last stretch of Seven Mile Beach that hasn’t already been spoiled, if either party is returned in May to form a government, they will undoubtedly sanction it.

Even if a mixed group of independents is elected alongside some party members, there is no doubt that the resulting cobbled-together government, if it holds for long enough, will continue to sanction these environmental attacks.

The government issued an eleventh hour energy policy this week that it claims is going to move us from our 99.1% dependence on burning oil for power to 30% in two decades. If that actually happened it would be impressive, but in reality there is about as much chance of that as there is that the Central Planning Authority will ever refuse an application on environmental grounds.

Given the imminent threat to low-lying islands like ours from already rising sea levels, likely to be compounded by the retreat of America from climate change commitments by the terrifying billionaire cartel that has taken over the White House, a twenty-year energy plan seems like wishful thinking. Most of West Bay and the shops owned by retailers so keen on the port will probably be underwater by then anyway.

So where are the Greens?

Even if there is the odd independent candidate offering their support to stopping the port, preventing the destruction of the beach, making the energy policy actually happen much sooner, holding the CPA responsible for following the law, introducing higher taxes and fees to non-sustainable construction of any kind and supporting radical green policies to save our island, there are not enough of them to form a government and have any power to do these things.

If the local Marl Road is to be believed, there are plenty of wealthy people here currently pulling the strings and shaping alliances of proposed candidates that they can shuffle into position and manipulate if they make it to office.

But what I want to see is a wealthy individual create a Green party and field 19 candidates and start talking about what is the most important thing facing Cayman now, today, this minute.

Talking about investing in the future of education, creating policies to retrain our workers, investing money in protecting the offshore sector, sticking to long-term plans to keep public finances in check, courting international investment, cancelling work permits, ending Caymanian status grants, reforming health care insurance, improving pension rights, increasing welfare spending, fighting crime, stopping gay people from marrying, or any other policy that the current crew of local politicians say they support are all entirely pointless if the bulk of the country is under water.

Climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, water and food shortages and the general environmental degradation going on here and around the world will be the end of all our societies. While people argue about whether God — and not  fishing restrictions — will stop the grouper from going extinct, or whether or not the concept of climate change (supported by more than 97% of the scientific community) is an “alternative fact”, the world sizzles and the seas rise.

It’s astounding.

So politicians, listen up!

Not one of you will get my vote or that of people like me unless you belong to a green group or alliance, team (or whatever other euphemism you want to use for ‘party’) that can form a government.

And rich backers, you listen too. Stop wasting the cash you’re lucky enough to have on a bunch of people who have nothing to offer but tired clichés and empty promises and back a Green Party now before it’s too late.

I’d do it myself but I’m skint.

Crowd funding anyone?


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  1. KJ says:

    In the US and UK, the Greens have been useless. More interested in left wing politics than saving the environment.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Here is your green agenda, more fraud from the global tax/ global warming alarmists http://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-4216180/How-trust-global-warming-scientists-asks-David-Rose.html

  3. Anonymous says:

    This government and previous governments have no interest in green issues they just chase the quick buck.
    Look at the restaurant in government, plastic cutlery in plastic wrappings, cardboard plates and containers, cardboard drinks cups and all destined for mount trash more. Why not China plates metal knives and forks that can be washed and re used.
    And why is there not a stipulation on all new builds for solar panels if only to heat the water.
    Islands across the region have and if you look at the warmer climates of Europe all property has solar panels.
    This country does not care a jot the reason they all have so many conflictining interests or should I say corrupt interests!!!!!!

  4. Sharkey says:

    I think that its a shame how Government is running the Islands and letting one man run them.
    From reading the comments, it sounds like all the go cups you can get on the Island is made of Styrofoam .

    That material is non recyclable, non degradable, and so bad for the environment, but it’s all in who holds the franchise for the material Styrofoam . Then it’s alowed to be used on the Island as the only go cup available in the market place , when there’s other green products that are available.

    I think that everyone on the Island should come together in a protest that STYROFOAM be banned from being imported to the Islands forever , and this band be done before may 2017 .
    If Government don’t do it kick them all politicians out of the LA /GOVERNMENT come may .

    In the USA STYROFOAM IS banned .

  5. The Seer says:

    I’m with you, Theresa. I would like for our little country and the whole world to be more responsible in taking care of our environment, because we are on an ever-increasing slide to disaster. I do not believe there is much we can do to change global warming, but we can try. Consider that one large volcano can put more carbon dioxide and other pollutants into our atmosphere than humans have generated since they appeared on earth. But…. if we preserve our flora and fauna it will make a better life for all of us as long as we are here.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It should be taken a step further, non-recyclable materials should be eliminated and banned. Drinking straws should only be made from recyclable material. The beaches are littered with straws which turtles, fish, and birds mistake for baby fish and eat.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Many visitors are amazed by the lack of recycling at our hotels and restaurants and homes. With a major and well-publicized landfill problem (on all islands), recycling should be a mandatory territorial obligation.

    Styrofoam containers, non-recyclable plastics should carry an DOH Environmental disposal duty that prices those disposable products out of the market.

    Nobody should be poured a “mudslide” in a #5 cup and straw unless those waste items (with a 15-20 minute utility lifespan) can be recycled. If for no other reason than we should at least pretend to be doing the right thing for tourism optics!

    • The Seer says:

      Your ideas are sound, 8:42. They have been discussed before, but our politicians just let it slide.

      • Anonymous says:

        Opps! ban Styrofoam in Cayman? You forget who controls our country.

      • Anonymous says:

        The point is we have to elect different politicians. But we have been led to believe the dinosaurs we have been use to are the only answer. Our fault!!!! do not blame anyone else.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Preach Sister

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