Ellio deserts CDP to go it alone

| 01/02/2017 | 43 Comments
Cayman News Service

Ellio Solomon on the campaign trail, January 2017

(CNS Election): Ellio Solomon, a former radio talk show host and one-time backbench MLA in the 2009 to 2013 United Democratic Party administration, launched his 2017 election bid as an independent on Tuesday night at a public meeting in the heart of George Town West. Solomon told CNS that he had decided to part company with his former party, led by McKeeva Bush and now named the Cayman Democratic Party, for myriad reasons, but mostly because he felt it was time to stand on his own two feet.

During his hustings presentation to a crowd of around 150 people on Walker’s Road, Solomon pointed to his loyalty to Bush following the vote of no confidence that ousted the UDP leader from office after his arrest in connection with the misuse of his government credit card in casinos. Bush was eventually acquitted after a high-profile trial and the loss by the UDP of the 2013 election.

Solomon was the only former UDP MLA who was at the court when Bush was found not guilty. But having remained on the UDP ticket in 2013, when several others from Bush’s original team formed a new group, he lost his seat, getting just over 26% of the vote and coming in 13th out of a field of 21 candidates.

As he launched his campaign, he drew on what he said were his achievements as a backbencher, including his role in the controversial talks with China Harbour Engineering Company over the failed cruise port deal signed by Bush. While Solomon had played a role in the NRA agreement with Dart, he criticised the current government for giving concessions to major investors while Caymanians were going without.

Solomon railed against the new voting system, saying he still supported a national 19 vote to allow all registered electors to pick all of the MLAs that will serve, regardless of the constituency. But given that voters now only had one vote, he urged the people of George Town West to give him their one and only vote and urge their friends to do the same.

So far, Solomon is listed to go head-to-head with Jonathan Piercy, who is on Bush’s CDP ticket and may well take some of Solomon’s previous votes. It is not yet clear which PPM candidate or other independent candidates will be joining the race in the new constituency that has the hospital at its heart and a diverse socio-economic make-up, covering parts of South Sound and Windsor Park.

Despite parting company with his former party and leader, Solomon said he wanted to team up with other independents and form a group large enough to form a government, though so far he has only identified Vincent Frederick as a possible team member. Frederick is said to be running in Bodden Town but CNS has not been able to confirm which seat.

Solomon also refused to tell CNS which person he would support as premier from any of the candidates planning to run but denied he had his own eye on the top political job.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Ellio’s main contribution in office was playing the keyboard on What I See Happen’.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cayman. . .

    . . .do not vote on simply on personality. Select your candidate based on past performance (current MLA members) or on qualifications, prior social achievements; honesty and potential achieve-ability of the promises made during the forthcoming campaign.

    Think twice about MLAs that during the last cycle campaigned in poetry and then governed in prose.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for being inclusive Ellio, the Filipino community here deserves the same respect given to the other people and I appreciate that majority are well mannered and hardworking, and don’t forget there are many children with Filipina mothers!

  4. Harauguer says:

    I could vote for Ellio Ltd he is not associated with Mac hmmmmmmmm?

  5. Anonymous says:

    I see we are gearing-up for a nastier than nasty election season….come on out all you haters and vent…get it out of your system now….before the venom kills you, eats you out from the inside .

    You go on Mr. Solomon…continue to clear the path for all of them who can only follow in your wake…they have not one thought, one idea, one plan, one solid thing to stand on, one once of credibility or achievements to talk about, yet they want to tear down…wow.

    There will always be a bunch of pathetic losers….yapping on the sidelines….Go with God and let them follow as usual..

  6. Anonymous says:

    Desert CDP of please he wanted to return and was rejected!! #piercyalltheway

  7. Anonymous says:

    Everyone enjoys going to Caymana Bay and if a finger hurt you are going to Shettys hospital. Poor Mack took the licks for both plus other stuff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Numbers is strength. I would not rule Mac out as he seems to be the only one and his gang that is sure of a seat. From the Brac Mr Moses seat is also secured and the race will be with Julie and Dixon. Kenneth also seems to be popular in the East. So Elio don’t get fooled with some wrong advise. Is Mike running? Remember he only lost by 42 votes to Alden from the South Sound box. Check it out.

    • Anonymous says:

      What planet are you living on my boy…are you not focused on what is happening in this country.

      And who the h*** is Kenneth….who is running in the east…east where?

      – Mac cannot find a pot to p… in!!! (what gang are we referring to…Rolston? who has made sence again out of non-sense).

      – Moses will get in, it is his for the taking..

      – Alden will slaughter Kenneth as he deserves…Little boy playing man…i will have to use the old adage “Go and Come again” when you have grown some hair on your chest and when you have something to offer the people except modeling…and a host of “Your Fired” positions.

      – As for Mike….where did that dinosaur get to…

  9. Anonymous says:

    I think we should give him a chance, he now has experience of people to stay from the past. He is certainly better then what they have on the list for George Town west. Who is better that is on the list?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Letting go of Mac’s coat tails won’t help you now. You’ve no doubt learned some UDP tricks which will serve well to hoodwink us if by some slim chance you get elected. You can change your colours but you’re still the same old foolio

    • Anonymous says:

      All children must leave home eventually and start out on there own…we all cannot stay attached to mom’s apron strings forever….

      I believe Mr. Solomon has proven himself ….that he can do the job and in that vain, do it very well indeed …as he has already done….with his many motions and laws which are now benefitting so many in this country right now … as we sit idly by and criticize..he is out there working…

      • Anonymous says:

        Ellio did absolutely nothing with the udp apart from doing his utmost to keep macs perpetually and grossly muddy shoes shining until he realised that was way too big a job for him and finally gave up.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Filipino side thing I tell ya.?????

  12. Anonymous says:

    Vote Elio who has allowed low and middle income Caymanians to get money from their pension; to purchase a piece of property and buy a home.

    This initiative has allowed over $300,000,000.00 CI to be exchanged within the Cayman Islands. No other politician has done that in just four years in the LA.

    Give credit where credit is due – Vote Elio in George Town.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can we use Nancy Reagan’s anti drug message in referring to Ellio? Just Say NO!!

  14. Ha says:

    Alden going have to Bit@$ slap that one again

  15. Anonymous says:

    Same as last election so far, nobody worth voting for.

  16. Slvia says:

    Cayman news service the number you said it was in the meeting not correct there was about 450 people

    • hafoo says:

      come on Jordanian,You know it wasn’t that many people.and they were.mostly looking free food and T shirts,most people at the meeting,were non voters,Ellio,you need to stay far from that man,he is only making things worse for you,He is now calling the talk show calling people liar,He speaks with forked tongue

      • Amjed says:

        This Amjed Zureigat and I don’t hide my name i don’t call people liers stop till lie in me I know who you are don’t let me start on you in the radio ….Ellio have great support you hate me because I support Ellio let him he world know I do support the man who smart and make things don and he achieved so much when he was in the house ..write as much hate you want it don’t change the fact you and any anther candidate can’t stand from Ellio achievement…so get lost no body even consider lessen to losers as you

  17. Anonymous says:

    Finally people are seeing Mac for the spent force he is. No one with any sense want to be around or serve under such an individual. Too much history, baggage and scandal. We just need to vote him out once and for all. Bernie and Capt also need to be left out the LA as well. New blood needed. Piercy, you’re a reasonably smart guy don’t surrounding yourself with nothing candidates. If you’re going to lose, lose on your own don’t let them drag you down.

    • Anonymous says:

      “Finally people are seeing Mac for the spent force he is. No one with any sense want to be around or serve under such an individual. Too much history, baggage and scandal. We just need to vote him out once and for all.”

      Time for an “overhaul” – the good ship Cayman cannot take another thirty years of recycled politicians…like all old parts…we have to take it into the garage for servicing and replace the old with the new parts…so likewise with our country…and in our politics…face it Cayman, there comes a time when we must change the old for the new (no matter how much sentimental value they might hold) especially when they are no longer working for us….but on the contraire against us…

  18. Bill Collector says:

    Attended his meeting last night and while he is up there on his pestle swearing to do right by Caymanians could not help but notice his contingent of Filipinoes in their orange shirts serving food and drink Yes Elio the sweet talk of hypocrites is so blantant eh.

  19. Anonymous says:

    No. Just no.

  20. Smh says:

    Ellio what’s up with all them Filipinos at your meeting son?

  21. Anonymous says:

    Parted company until the opportunity comes to be “Councilor for Something or Other” in a Mac lead government. He will leap across so swiftly we will wonder if he is indeed from Krypton. His “group” will marvel at the vacuum left in his wake.

  22. Mr Bacardi Debtor says:

    Nobody wanted you Elio please tell the truth Nah mann?

  23. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to see anybody worth voting for; and those that have put themselves forward so far leave a lot to be desired.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Is this the greatest losers contest?

  25. Anonymous says:

    he was shambolic in the last administration….

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