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Cayman News ServiceMM writes: Our MLAs like to come forward with all sorts of ideas that they say they want to implement, especially during election season. What they do not come forward to tell their people is how the process within the Legislative Assembly works in order for any of their proposals to actually come in to fruition. When political candidates stand on their podium declaring their long list of life-changing proposals that they promise will change our country for the better once they are elected in, none of them admit the bureaucratic labyrinth that must be navigated through before one dang thing can get done.

They bank on the whimsy and want for change that their constituents feed on (as is happening right now); they are well aware that they can propose a million things, but once in the LA building they can hardly say “Good Morning” without first having their comment scheduled, filed and approved for the day’s agenda or formal question made to their minister weeks or months in advance (because the minister will, of course, require time to have their team of policy advisers and assistance dig up the answer for them beforehand in order to respond, etc).

So, when your neighborhood candidate comes a’knocking with their glorious list of plans, please remember to ask them how they intend to accomplish those things if they are the only one out of their party that gets voted in, or if they do not secure a ministerial seat. We only have one vote, so it has to go where it counts.

In addition, I suggest that all registered voters have on hand a list of legal terminology, a few copies of laws they and their families have interest in and some questions relating to issues they face directly or indirectly and pose those to the potential MLA sitting on their couch.

Do they understand legal jargon? Can they define and interpret the various clauses and paragraphs within each of the laws? Do they have any plans to address any areas within those laws you have concern about? Have they actually read our local laws?

An MLA is a lawmaker; and yet many who are running or currently elected can hardly interpret a law or understand basic and common latin legal terms. How can they understand the indefinite impact of a new law or amendment without knowing how each and every word and simple paragraph or term will affect each and every resident within our islands?

In what way is that candidate able to identify with our plight as common folk within our country or who face our daily struggles one at a time? Or is that candidate some successful business person who has not even missed a utility payment in a decade? When last did their cupboards go empty? Do they and will they understand how to represent their most vulnerable constituents AND their successful, career-oriented or entrepreneurial constituent?

When you are running for office, it cannot be a one-sided ordeal. You must know and understand your country in and out, from top to bottom, from then to now.

You should have a keen interest in law and political science and history as a whole. You should understand how historical policies and politics has influenced our current global political landscape. You must be capable of representing us from the East to the West of this whole world and not be someone who can be pushed and tugged in accordance with the wishes of billionaire developers or global organisations.

You are representing me, my children, my grandchildren and my family and friends. You are asking us to select you, to speak on our behalf.

You’d better come with a good damn plan to get my family’s vote.

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  1. Tell the Truth says:

    THeir ability to speak iproper English and write it is surely a much needed ability.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you vote all long ‘Party Lines’, you’re representation is coming from the ‘Party Leader’. You’re voting for a Puppet who ONLY reports and gets THEIR directives from the person at the top, NOT yours!

    If you want Real Representation,
    from a Candidate of Your Choice,
    They WILL REMAIN INDEPENDENT and fifht for YOU!
    They INTEND to battle for YOU!
    They are not there to dance along,
    All cozy busy “getting along”, NO!
    You want them ready and willing to “Get down and dirty”, getting the best!
    YOU WANT A FIGHT, “tooth and nail”,
    For Your Interests! Fighting for YOU!
    on the Campaign Trail!
    You DON’T want a puppet taking orders! Puppets do as they are told!

    Get Yourself A Fighter to fight for You!
    SAY NO TO PARTIES! We are sick of this mamby-pamby dancing around. Time for things to get REAL! IT’s Time for some Real WORK! We Are Not Playing Around!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, good luck with that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How do we know the candidates are Caymanian? Has anyone checked with immigration?

  5. anon says:

    Well said, MM.

  6. anonymous says:

    Yes i agree.

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